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Our Sessions

Nordic Walking

We run a mix of groups designed to cater for all adults. Our walks include:

2 or 3 mile walk on Beverley Westwood

3 to 4 mile evening walks

6 and 10 mile monthly daytime social walks

Weekly 3 to 4 mile evening walks: these take place in surrounding woodlands and countryside, sometimes ending with a pub stop.


Monthly daytime social walks: these take place in different locations around West Hull Villages and the East Coast, often ending with a cafe stop.

Monthly 6 mile and 10 mile weekend walks ending with a refreshment stop. We also organise social events so that all our members can meet up and get to know one another.

If you would like to try Nordic Walking, please contact us to arrange an introductory session.

About Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a weight bearing exercise which uses up to 90% of the body's muscles. Not only is it a great for helping people get fitter and stronger, but it also improves mental well being.


Our Nordic Walking instruction is tailored to give individuals the best possible outcome in posture walking, speed and distance. It is also a great outdoor social activity and a good way to make new friendships. 

If you would like to read more from the British Nordic Walking website, click the link below.

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Benefits of Nordic Walking

  1. Burns more calories than ordinary walking therefore can help towards weight loss.

  2. Improves aerobic fitness, which is important for cardiovascular and brain health; increasing stamina, fitness and strength; supporting and improving the immune system; boosting mood, mental health and well-being.

  3. Recognised by Public Health England (2018) as an activity that has the most benefits for muscle and bone strength, therefore increases functional ability enabling people to do activities such as lifting, moving and handling; improvement in confidence, posture and balance; can help people with joint disorders and can help to protect bone density, prevent or slow down the progression of osteoporosis;

  4. Engages upper and lower body muscles therefore provides a full body workout.

  5. Improves flexibility and joint mobility

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